It may not be easy to learn about high tech
solutions like Blockchain. We bring you closer
to the forefront of this emerging tech with
related events and content for your own revelation.


Adoption Focused

First of its kind, BETAS is focused on learning and the creation of new business models based on new and emerging tech to achieve greater yields.

Partnership Driven

Creating unique relationships and partnerships are important to us. We want to share our network and expertise with you.

Real Content

It is challenging to make sense of all the noise surrounding Blockchain and other emerging tech, so what we did was simplify it for you, quick and easy.


Unique Events

Invites to exclusive events focused on bringing you a deeper understanding of Blockchain, and also giving you a greater insight into the ways of harnessing its potential.

Focus Groups

Special focus groups coming together to identify the unique challenges facing Blockchain and emerging tech, and the solutions to maintain its current trajectory.


The opportunity to propel your company towards a new digitized and efficient operational standard, through partnerships mutually employing a Blockchain and emerging tech strategy.


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An internal review in two weeks
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Wendy Yew
Honorary Chairman Cofounder, Grape Media
Jagdish Pandya
President Chairman, Blockcon Group
Daniel Shen
Secretary Gen Founder, Soqqle
Jack Hua
Cofounder, AlphaxLab
Roy Kek
Marketing Communications Vice President Founder and Managing Director of DIFY
Director, Partnerships, Founder
Suk Jung Lee
Marketing Communications Vice President Founder, Block9 Ventures
Gareth T.
Vice President, Partnership Transformation, Ex- Standard Chartered Bank Product Manager

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